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Super Bowl 2022: Four lessons teams can learn from the Rams and Bengals, including player-acquisition strategy

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Article Summary:

Whichever team wins the Super Bowl serves as inspiration to 31 other teams in the league, who try to learn from them about how best to chase the next Lombardi Trophy. Winning the ring is the ultimate goal, so why not steal ideas from the team that actually does it?

This year, the Los Angeles Rams provided a bunch of important lessons in team building, but so did their opponents, the Cincinnati Bengals. Below, we’ll walk through a few ideas teams around the league can take away from the two teams that squared off in the Super Bowl.

Be open to all manner of player-acquisition

In the age of the salary cap, teams are very careful about managing their books.

The Bengals had been one of the most spending-averse teams in the NFL before this most recent era of the team.


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