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Origin of the Super Bowl – Part 2

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Article Summary:

“The last game…the final game. The, Super Bowl.”

Hunt had thought of the name while watching his children play with the Wham-O toy “Super Ball.”

The committee formally called the added game the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game.” But for all intended purposes, from that point on the committee began loosely referring to the final game as the “Super Bowl” in their discussions about which championship games they were discussing.

Super Bowl 4 program

Even though the added game was labeled the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game”, it had been suggested that the championship game needed a catchier name.

Finally, a game called the “Super Bowl”

Tickets for the first three games were labeled the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game.” And networks had already begun the term “Super Sunday” as those first years passed along.

The first three games were called the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game.” The fourth game was then changed officially to the “Super Bowl.” That was the final year as two separately operating pro football leagues.


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