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After Rams win Super Bowl 2022 with Matthew Stafford, which NFL QBs and teams could be eyeing big moves?

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Article Summary:

Which ones are most likely to make a Stafford- or Brady-esque move in 2022? Here are QBs and teams who could look to relocate for an instant shot at Super Bowl contention:

The QBs

There are plenty of mid-tier starters who might prefer a better setup, but there are really only four QBs with enough pedigree to both request a move and conceivably put a contender over the hump in 2022:


2. Deshaun Watson

He comes with an asterisk, considering no one knows his football future; the former Pro Bowler is still facing 22 civil lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct – a major and justified red flag for any potential acquiring team. Titans

Management has endorsed Ryan Tannehill in the wake of his third straight playoff defeat, but that’s probably mostly because moving on from him would be tricky; they can’t feasibly cut him, and how many teams are eager to pay a premium for him approaching 34? But don’t you dare suggest their playoff-caliber team would be more like a championship-caliber team if they could pair Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown and a feisty defense with Russ or Rodgers. Unless/until Tom Brady returns, Bruce Arians will be eager to find a quick fix at QB. Cap gymnastics will be required, but they can sell big-name veterans on the Brady Trajectory – a move to sunny Florida, where team brass will be all in on accommodating the QB for an immediate championship window.


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