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Bengals could leave Cowboys and Browns in the dust by ending this playoff drought against Titans

CBS Sports


Article Summary:

In a twist, the Bengals could actually end up facing the same team they played in the AFC title game back in 1988. Thirty-three years ago, the Bengals beat the Seahawks in the divisional round before hosting the Bills in the AFC Championship in a game Cincinnati would win 21-10 to advance to Super Bowl XXIII.

The Bengals have only made it to the AFC title game a total of two times in franchise history and both of those games were played at home.

Of course, if the Bengals want to get to the AFC title game, they’ll have to do something they’ve never done in franchise history: Win a playoff game on the road. Since the team was founded in 1968, they’ve gone 0-7 in road playoff games. If the Bengals win, they would also pass the baton for most years without a conference title game appearance to the Browns, who haven’t been to the AFC Championship since 1989.


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