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Browns don’t sweat Baker Mayfield playing in 2022 without a new contract

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Article Summary:

With Mayfield having a down year in 2021, both sides are preparing for Mayfield playing the 2022 season with no contract beyond it.

Browns G.M. Andrew Berry told reporters on Tuesday that the Browns have no qualm about proceeding with Mayfield without a commitment beyond next season. “To the contract question in general, I think you guys probably know me well enough that I kind of march to the beat of my own drum in terms of whatever contract precedents are out there so we will deal with each situation on an individual basis.”

Still, the Browns have a chance to get Mayfield signed before he bounces back and his value increases. They’ve decided to risk Mayfield playing well and his price going up and not to risk paying Mayfield now and potentially regretting it later.


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