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Is Baker Mayfield really the solution?



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Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Mayfield have a full recovery after his shoulder surgery and lead the Browns to the Super Bowl but is that a realistic possibility? Could Baker be that guy to lead his team to a Super Bowl?

Did Baker Mayfield affect the head coach?

Don’t run to blame head coach Kevin Stefanski and his playcalling, either. There were times when Mayfield was so severely injured that the Browns were unable to run quarterback sneaks on short-yardage situations and times where Mayfield would sense pressure and immediately go down.

There’s no questioning the fact that Mayfield had a great 2020 season but after seeing his play in 2021, how can we back up a quarterback who just has bad seasons.

So far Mayfield had a good rookie season in 2018, a poor sophomore season in 2019, a good season in 2020, and now a poor season in 2021.

Is Baker Mayfield a franchise quarterback?

Is this what fans want in a “Franchise” quarterback? A Super Bowl roster cannot afford to have an average quarterback who is going to be great every other season.


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