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NFL 2021 Playoff Picture: Here are the 14 projected playoff teams with Cardinals losing NFC West to Rams

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Oh plugged some numbers into his SportsLine computer and simulated the rest of the NFL season, and using those numbers, not only were we able to figure out the playoff chances for every team, but we’re also going to project the entire playoff field. With just three weeks left to play, the Patriots have a 77.7% chance of winning the division while Buffalo’s chances sit at just 22.1%. Based on those percentages, you can probably guess who the computer has winning the Bills-Patriots game this week. Wild Card 1 Colts After starting the season 1-4, it didn’t look like the Colts had a shot at making the playoffs, but after beating the Patriots in Week 15, the computer thinks everyone in Indianapolis should go ahead and book their playoff tickets. Unfortunately for the AFC North teams, the computer likes the Chargers to take earn the final wild card spot in the AFC. According to SportsLine, the Chargers have a 65.6% chance of making the playoffs while the Bengals are sitting at just 56.7% with the Ravens trailing right behind them.


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