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Lamar Jackson vs. the blitz: Why Ravens and QB have struggled against it, what to expect Week 12 vs. Browns

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Miami sent at least five rushers at Lamar Jackson on more than half of his dropbacks, according to Tru Media; and while Jackson completed 15 of 21 passes against the blitz, they gained only 108 yards – an average of 5.1 per attempt. Jackson has been blitzed at the NFL’s fourth-highest rate this year, with opponents sending extra rushers on 31.3 percent of his dropbacks compared with a league average of 25.6 percent. Against blitzes, Jackson is just 63 of 104 for 641 yards, three touchdowns, and three interceptions. Nearly 9 percent of his passes against the blitz have been batted down, thrown away, or thrown while being hit; and he has more turnover-worthy plays than big-time throws against the rush, per Pro Football Focus.


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