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With 38.5 million viewers, the Thanksgiving Raiders-Cowboys game was most-watched regular season game since 1990

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With a lot of talk about declining TV viewership, the NFL must be happy about the recently released Neilson TV rated viewership of a whopping 38.5 million. This makes it the most watched regular season game measured since 1990. Granted, the US population is tens of millions of people larger than it was in 1990, so there’s that – but still a notable achievement.

The game didn’t let down either, with a crazy second half that led to overtime it was a terrific and exciting game to watch. The Raiders won with a field goal in OT 36-33.

If you’re wondering, the 1990 game in question was the highly anticipated game on Monday Night Football between the Giants and the 49ers, both of which met with a 10-1 record at the time.

US viewers were game hungry this thanksgiving because it wasn’t just the primetime slots that posted big viewership. The Bears vs Lions game rated in at 27 million viewers, which is the most for the early game since 2016 when the Lions hosted the Vikings.

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