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Browns-Lions Final Score: Cleveland survives with 13-10 win over Detroit

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Cleveland picked up a couple of first downs via Chubb on the ground, but the drive stalled after Mayfield missed another pass to Landry, and then a third down holding penalty on Teller wiped out a possible first down pass to Njoku, leading to a punt.

Boyle completed a 10-yard pass on first down, and then on second down, he finally loaded up and tried to go downfield for the first time all game.

Chubb was able to move the chains twice to get near midfield, but the Lions read a second down screen attempt to Njoku, and then Mayfield’s third down pass was incomplete. Chubb gained 3 yards on first down, and 4 yards on second down to set up 3rd-and-3 at the two-minute warning.


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